Who Killed Kenei? Phone Records Show

The office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), under George Kinoti, is an inch closer to cracking the staged suicide of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei after they retrieved the late’s phone records which had been erased.

His phone had been found at the crime scene in factory settings mode with no sim in the sim card tray.

Detectives have retrieved all the data which Kenei’s murderers are believed to have liaised with a mobile service employee to delete the sergeant’s records and deactivate his Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp accounts.

This new information that may have clues to who perpetrated the murder follows the revelation that Kenei was part of a botched military arms deal that took place at Dp’s Ruto offices. Footage released by Mr. Kinoti linked the slain sergeant to the Sh40 billion deal.

“It leaves no doubt of the involvement of the deceased person in the said cartel,” the DCI said, “he was murdered in cold blood.”

Homicide detectives had earlier confirmed that the phone was the key to cracking the case. “It is evident that throughout he was receiving instructions or orders or directions from a certain source. It manifests that the stakes must be so high and adverse that it could be dangerous to expose the source.”

With the phone details, the DCI will without doubt find out who the deceased communicated with and close the case.


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