Dp Ruto: Unless you kill me I am Unstoppable

Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday said no amount of threats will distract his political ambition.

Ruto said while hitting back at the DCI said if the late Sergent Kipyegon Kenei was killed to threaten him, he will not bow down or give up.

Speaking during the burial service of Kenei at his Chemasis village, Nakuru Ruto said it was unfortunate instead of DCI looking for the killers, they have shifted the focus to him.

“I know there is a bigger scheme to destroy my office and ensure I do not go anywhere. The schemers are trying to threaten, undermine and demean my office in a bid to stop me, they may have the system but I have God,” an agitated DP said.

He said Kenei’s blood will not go scotfree but will haunt his killers until they are punished.

The DCI should look for the truth and leave politics out of the equation. They are being used to undermine me. Some are bragging in day broad light of how Ruto will not be there in 2022 and still walking around,” he said.

According to Ruto, Kenei was killed for political reasons mainly to spark a conflict between him and his community.

“Wale wanaopanga hii njama eti wanipiganishe mimi na jamii yangu, shauri Yao (those who are behind all these are planning to cause conflict between me and my community),” Ruto said.

He said it has come to a point that his office can be used to strike fake deals yet his office has no relationship with DoD.

“I want to tell them, maybe you will have to kill me but nothing will stop me, I will not look back or give up,” Ruto said.

Ruto said he is aware of a bigger scheme to pin him down but affirmed his readiness.

“If you killed Kenei to threaten me, that plan will fail. I am not mad, I am the deputy president and I know what I am saying. I know what has been planned and I am ready,” he said.

The DP said Kenei was an asset to his office and for the whole time he has served there, he displayed commendable character.

He said after Echesa and his accomplice were arrested, he held a meeting with Kenei and three other officers and they briefed him of what had transpired on that day.

Ruto said Kenei allowed Echesa and his team at the office because he received a call indicating that they had an appointment.

On Thursday, Ruto came to the office and called for another meeting to be briefed on the progress of the case only for them to realize Kenei had not been seen.

“I reached out to people who knew him and asked them to find his family,” he said.

Ruto said the Sh39.5 billion fake military arms deal has smeared mud on his reputation.

He said it is evident that a lot of people are fighting him politically and would go any extra’s to involve him in absurd things.


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