Statehouse Facebook Page blocks users commenting on the DP William Ruto.

Reports today indicate that the State House Facebook page live streaming the COVID Conference hosted by President Uhuru Kenyatta actively blocked users commenting on the absence of the DP William Ruto.

Entries including the names ‘Ruto’, ‘Hustler’ or ‘ WSR’ were met with a ‘cannot post’ response.

It is speculated that the admins feared a popular public backlash, taking the focus away from the important conversation around the country’s response to the pandemic.

By the time the President arrived at around 2:20 pm, the DP had not arrived forcing the event organisers to remove the seat that was designated for him at the front row.

Attending the event were ODM leader Raila Odinga, Chief Justice David Maraga and Uhuru, all seated in the front row.

It was not immediately clear why the DP missed the crucial function.


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