Reject BBI: Former Nairobi DG Jonathan Mueke

Former Nairobi Deputy Governor and United Green Movement party secretary general Jonathan Mueke has called on all Kenyans to reject the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

During a press statement by the United Green Movement Party on Friday Mueke cautioned against the BBI amendment bill 2020 terming it as a poisoned chalice that should be rejected in its totality as its objective shows no evidence of building bridges to a United Kenya nor does it solve the problems Kenyans said they face when they gave their views to the BBI Task Force.

The UGM party outlined 14 reason why Kenyans should come out in large numbers to reject the BBI

Mueke said the BBI is an act of blackmail and the proposed amendments are “sweeteners” to camouflage their true intented creation of extra political
positions that only serve the interests of the ruling elite.

He added that the report is also intended to hoodwink the Governor’s and county governments to support it by proposing to raise the county allocation to 35%.

The UGM secretary general went ahead to say that the report has given wrong prescription on inclusivity, equity, equality and equal opportunities.

“It proposes that the solution to these problems is to create a dining table of “big” tribe chiefs, and to make the head of the table super powerful to control the “eating” habits of the other tribal chiefs. This has nothing to do with the Mwananchi, and everything to do with obsolete leaders desperate to entrench “eating”.” Mueke said

He concluded by saying that the UGM party together with other like minded Kenyans will team up to reject the BBI and constitutional amendment should President Uhuru and former Prime Minister Raila insist on taking it to Kenyans in a referendum.


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