I Don’t Tolerate Insults: NMS General Badi tells Governor Sonko

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss Major General Mohamed Badi now says he will keep performing his work to clean up the city regardless of whatever tantrums Governor Mike Sonko throws.

Badi, speaking on Citizen TV’s JKL show on Wednesday night, said he will not respond to the governor’s endless jabs at him, however warning that he will not take any insults or accusations lying down.

“The best way is to keep quiet, so he’ll keep on guessing what you’re doing but I’ll keep quiet and keep on doing the work. I actually don’t entertain any insults or any accusations that he (Sonko) bombards me every week; the other day he calls me a brother, after a week I’m supposed to go to ICC. I don’t know when he intends on taking me to ICC but I’ll keep doing the work for Nairobians,” said the NMS chief.

General Badi also accused Sonko of frustrating his efforts by continually refusing to sign budgets approved by the Nairobi County Assembly saying he has been forced to borrow from the national government on numerous occasions.

He however stated that he has been able to achieve his set targets regardless, even urging Sonko to go ahead and take credit for his work for political mileage if he so wishes saying he is not interested in the politics of Nairobi that the governor seems bent on dragging him to.

“I borrowed initially because I didn’t have any funds for the first three months because the governor had blocked it…we started by getting money from the national government through different ministries, we coordinated and took it as an all government approach to clean up Nairobi,” he said.

Badi further added: “He (Sonko) believes I am finishing him politically, but I have no political ambitions. I have told him that several times before. In fact, he should take advantage of what I’m doing by taking credit for it, but he doesn’t, he intends to fight. The truth will be known soon.”

The NMS boss further sought to reassure Nairobians that he is up to task on dismantling cartels within various sectors in the city such as water and garbage collection.

Badi also stated that he found the city is a disorganized state, adding that ever since he hit the ground running he has run into a few obstacles but remains unbowed.

“It (Nairobi) was sort of disorganized…but reaching a General in the military means that you have done management at a higher level including war, so it’s not a new area for me. Managing a city is just like management in the military…so it’s not been hard,” he stated.

“I started with garbage…the same day I was sworn in at State House, before I was even told where my office is, I was in Muthurwa market managing the NMS trucks in collecting garbage. We had to bring sanity in the garbage collection.”

He added: “They (enemies) are still coming, but enemies are part of my training, we’re taught to fight and deal with enemies…so we’ll deal with them as they come.”


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