In their wisdom or lack of it Kibwana, Ngilu and Muthama have lost focus by opposing every good thing that can benefit Ukambani. These gurus lost their political mojo and are now starring the tombs of political oblivion.

They were among leaders who signed Koma 1 Declaration that named Kalonzo the only Kamba who shall represent us at National politics. During the meeting hosted at Muthama’s place in April 2018 ,the three called governor Mutua names asking him to drop his ambitions. Infact it is Kibwana who read the document that signed by all Kamba elected leaders from the region.

While the prodigal son Mutua saw his mistakes and returned to his political dad Muvisi, the old gourds have been bought for a penny by enemies of the region.They now want us to support DP Ruto, the man who corrupted funds meant for construction of Thwake dam.

Now the BBI is out it is proposing 35% of revenue to counties, 7 year tax relief for SMEs and pardoning for HELB loans to graduates but they are still opposing in favour of wheel barrows. The are opposing BBI because Kalonzo will be the representative of Lower Eastern in the negotiation table.

Regrettably our Governors who have been demanding for allocation of more funds to counties are opposing such and demanding a retirement pension. This is after their proposal to have three tier structure with regional coordinators and lifting the two term limit was rejected by BBI committee. Why am I getting more questions than answers? Or are they afraid of retiring politics?

The notion that old age brings wisdom seems to be a nineteenth-century fallacy. There are some people who are better let alone!

Article By Musoma JM


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