Investigate Governor Mutua Now!!

Popular politician and flamboyant Businessman Donald Mwendwa Nzau alias ‘Kiliviti’ is now urging EACC to investigate Governor Alfred Mutua for misuse of Taxpayer’s assets.

Speaking to Kenyan Insider on Wednesday, Kiliviti condemned Mutua’s actions to use Public funds and vehicles to campaign for His Maendeleo Chap Chap senate candidate Mutua Katuku.

“I would like to categorically call out the County Government of Machakos and Governor Mutua and condemn in the strongest terms possible the misuse of taxpayers resources in the campaigning for the Maendeleo Chap Chap Senatorial Candidate”, He said

According to the young leader, such actions portray impunity, entitlement, and utter mediocrity from Governor Mutua, County Secretary, and the Chief Officers who have the authority and power to release the vehicles. Moreover, he said that all public officers have a fiduciary duty to guard public resources against misuse and mismanagement.

The PFM Act is very clear on that and according to him the law was broken and necessary legal and disciplinary actions need to be taken.

“I demand the necessary legal action be meted upon all those responsible for use of County staff and county Government vehicles in the Maendeleo Chap Chap campaigns,” He added.

The firebrand politician rumoured to be eyeing the Governor’s seat using his youthful appeal and oratory skills wants the County Government to provide the work ticket for the same vehicles, fuel detail orders, and the departments where they are assigned.

Three Machakos county vehicles with Fake numbers were impounded on Tuesday by police.

The said vehicles were campaigning for Maendeleo chap chap Machakos senatorial race aspirant Hon. Mutua Katuku.

The vehicles are currently held at Machakos police station.


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