Wiper Students Command Team Calls for Kamba Unity of Purpose

By Trump WA Ukamba


We need true unity from our Ukambani leaders as they demonstrated in just concluded Machakos by-election, peace, and prayer to heal, build and consolidate our Kamba nation voting bloc. Peace and unity are the necessary ingredients for development and the enjoyment of fundamental freedoms and rights for every human being.

However, it is important to understand the idea of unity. Unity is not about the coming together of bodies, commanded by the powerful in society. It is not an event signified by elite political pacts. Unity is a process by which minds are drawn together organically to achieve a common purpose. Which is now making H. E Kalonzo Musyoka the 5th president of Kenya.

Unity does not mean the absence of difference. Instead, it is a process that acknowledges, recognizes, and celebrates difference as a natural part of normal society. Therefore, unity does not necessarily mean uniformity among peoples. Rather it recognizes and promotes diversity and the beauty of it.

Indeed, unity does not mean compulsory conformity of the minority to the majority merely because the majority demand compliance. Rather, unity behooves the majority to recognize and respect minorities in whatever form because they matter too.

Where there is the unity of purpose there is a difference but a commitment to development and prosperity. Genuine unity does not produce an impoverished society. It exalts a people to prosperity. On this day, we should be celebrating. But too many of our people are in great pain because of socio-economic burdens that have become unbearable.

Unity is not built on force. It is built upon foundations of love, understanding, and appreciation of difference and diversity.

We deserve to be united by our values, aspirations, constitution, and human rights. No single leader is bigger than the other. We must imagine a better and more prosperous Kambaland in which our diversity is celebrated, not condemned.

We owe it to ourselves and future generations as God’s people to embrace one another in unity, to pray for the prosperity of our nation. Prayer works with works. We should not wait for divine intervention when we can change our behavior.


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