David Musila: If Joe Biden got elected, I too can be Governor of Kitui County

Veteran politician David Musila will seek to unseat Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu in the 2022 polls.

Musila lost to Ngilu for the same position in 2017.

Musila said on Saturday he has sought divine intervention to beat the governor. 

He called on religious leaders to earnestly pray for him in his journey to dethrone Ngilu.

Musila and former Kitui Governor Julius Malombe lost to Ngilu during the last general election, when she garnered 162,768 votes while Musila got 108,635 with Malombe trailing with about 73,000 votes.

He spoke at the funeral service for the late Migwani Sub County Crop Officer Patrice Mung’eli, at Kea Primary School in Mwingi West, Kitui County.

“I am asking for collective prayers from men of God so that God with help me dethrone this woman for our people to get better service,” Musila told the mourners. He asked the mourners if they supported his quest to send Ngilu home to which they roared back in the affirmative.

“I am telling you that I have always executed all my duties through God’s graceful empowerment. It is only God who will help us. I am asking the men of God to pray for me,” said Musila. He lashed out at Governor Ngilu and others who claimed that he was too old to become governor.

“Americans elected (Joe) Biden who at 79 years is my senior by four years their president the other day. Those claiming that I am 90 years old are mistaken; did they give birth to me?  They should come for my birth certificate too ascertain my age,” said the former Kitui senator.

Biden is 78 years, he was born on November 20, 1942.

“I am in the race in response to Kitui peoples’ incessant pressure to seek to become governor so that I can bail them out of the myriad problems dogging them in health sector as well as water scarcity and other under current administration,” said Musila.

Besides Musila, others who have expresed interest in the Kitui governorship in 2022 polls are Malombe,  former Nairobi deputy governor Jonathan Mueke and Kenya’s high commissioner to Uganda Kiema Kilonzo.


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